Class ChatObservingCourier

  extended byorg.sakaiproject.util.courier.ObservingCourier
      extended byorg.sakaiproject.util.courier.EventObservingCourier
All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, Observer, SessionBindingListener

public class ChatObservingCourier
extends EventObservingCourier

ChatObservingCourier is an ObservingCourier that watches chat events and delivers them with extra information, specifically the reference to the message referenced by the event.

$Revision: 4742 $
University of Michigan, CHEF Software Development Team

Field Summary
protected  boolean m_alertEnabled
Fields inherited from class org.sakaiproject.util.courier.EventObservingCourier
m_eventTrackingService, m_resourcePattern
Fields inherited from class org.sakaiproject.util.courier.ObservingCourier
m_courierService, m_deliveryId, m_elementId, m_enabled, m_location
Constructor Summary
ChatObservingCourier(String deliveryId, String elementId, String resourcePattern, boolean wantsBeeps)
Method Summary
 void alertEnabled(boolean newVal)
 void update(Observable o, Object arg)
          This method is called whenever the observed object is changed.
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check, finalize, getResourcePattern, setResourcePattern, valueBound, valueUnbound
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disable, enable, getDeliveryId, getElementId, getEnabled, getLocation, justDelivered, setDeliveryId, setElementId
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Field Detail


protected boolean m_alertEnabled
Constructor Detail


public ChatObservingCourier(String deliveryId,
                            String elementId,
                            String resourcePattern,
                            boolean wantsBeeps)

deliveryId - The key identifying the Portal Page Instance.
elementId - The key identifying the element on the Portal Page that would need a courier delivered message when things change.
Method Detail


public void update(Observable o,
                   Object arg)
This method is called whenever the observed object is changed. An application calls an Observable object's notifyObservers method to have all the object's observers notified of the change. default implementation is to cause the courier service to deliver to the interface controlled by my controller. Extensions can override.

Specified by:
update in interface Observer
update in class ObservingCourier
o - the observable object.
arg - an argument passed to the notifyObservers method.


public void alertEnabled(boolean newVal)