Interface MailArchiveChannelEdit

All Superinterfaces:
Edit, Entity, MailArchiveChannel, MessageChannel, MessageChannelEdit
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public interface MailArchiveChannelEdit
extends MailArchiveChannel, MessageChannelEdit

MailArchiveChannelEdit is an editable MailArchiveChannel.

$Revision: 632 $
University of Michigan, CHEF Software Development Team

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 void setEnabled(boolean setting)
          Set the enabled status of the channe.
 void setOpen(boolean setting)
          Set the open status of the channe.
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addMailArchiveMessage, allowAddMessage, getEnabled, getMailArchiveMessage, getOpen
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addMessage, allowAddChannelMessage, allowAddMessage, allowEditMessage, allowGetMessages, allowRemoveMessage, cancelMessage, commitMessage, commitMessage, editMessage, getContext, getGroupsAllowAddMessage, getGroupsAllowGetMessage, getMessage, getMessages, mergeMessage, removeMessage, removeMessage
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getId, getProperties, getReference, getReference, getUrl, getUrl, toXml
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getPropertiesEdit, isActiveEdit

Method Detail


public void setEnabled(boolean setting)
Set the enabled status of the channe. Disabled channels will not recieve email.

setting - The new setting.


public void setOpen(boolean setting)
Set the open status of the channe. Open channels will recieve email from anyone - otherwise messages will be accepted only from users (based on the main from email address) with add permission.

setting - The new setting.