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org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory This package provides the Sakai Memory Service.  

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.framework.memory

Classes in org.sakaiproject.component.framework.memory that implement Cache
 class HardCache
          HardCache is a MemCache set to use hard, not soft references.
 class MemCache
          A Cache of objects with keys with a limited lifespan.
 class MultiRefCacheImpl
           MultiRefCacheImpl implements the MultiRefCache.
 class SiteCacheImpl
          SiteCacheImpl implements the SiteCache.

Methods in org.sakaiproject.component.framework.memory that return Cache
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher refresher, String pattern)
          Construct a Cache. Attempts to keep complete on Event notification by calling the refresher.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher refresher, String pattern)
          Construct a special Cache that uses hard references. Attempts to keep complete on Event notification by calling the refresher.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newHardCache(long sleep, String pattern)
          Construct a Cache. No automatic refresh: expire only, from time and events.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher refresher, long sleep)
          Construct a Cache. Automatic refresh handling if refresher is not null.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher refresher, long sleep)
          Construct a Cache. Automatic refresh handling if refresher is not null.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newCache()
          Construct a Cache. No automatic refresh handling.
 Cache BasicMemoryService.newHardCache()
          Construct a Cache. No automatic refresh handling.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.alias

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.alias declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseAliasService.m_callCache
          A cache of calls to the service and the results.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.assignment

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.assignment declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseAssignmentService.m_assignmentCache
          A Cache for this service - Assignments keyed by reference.
protected  Cache BaseAssignmentService.m_contentCache
          A Cache for this service - AssignmentContents keyed by reference.
protected  Cache BaseAssignmentService.m_submissionCache
          A Cache for this service - AssignmentSubmissions keyed by reference.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.calendar

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.calendar declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseCalendarService.m_calendarCache
          A Cache object for caching: calendars keyed by reference.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.content

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.content declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseContentService.m_cache
          A Cache for this service - ContentResource and ContentCollection keyed by reference.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.message

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.message declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseMessageService.m_channelCache
          A Cache object for caching: channels keyed by reference.

Uses of Cache in

Fields in declared as Cache
protected  Cache BasicNewsService.m_storage

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.user

Fields in org.sakaiproject.component.legacy.user declared as Cache
protected  Cache BaseUserDirectoryService.m_callCache
          A cache of calls to the service and the results.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory

Subinterfaces of Cache in org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory
 interface MultiRefCache
           MultiRefCache is a cache that holds objects and a set of references that the cached entry are dependent on - if any change, the entry is invalidated.
 interface SiteCache
           SiteCache is a cache that holds Site objects, and gives access to the cached site's ToolConfigurations by their id.

Methods in org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory that return Cache
 Cache MemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher refresher, String pattern)
          Construct a Cache.
 Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher refresher, String pattern)
          Construct a special Cache that uses hard references.
 Cache MemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher refresher, long sleep)
          Construct a Cache.
 Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher refresher, long sleep)
          Construct a Cache.
 Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(long sleep, String pattern)
          Construct a Cache.
 Cache MemoryService.newCache()
          Construct a Cache.
 Cache MemoryService.newHardCache()
          Construct a Cache.

Uses of Cache in org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory.cover

Methods in org.sakaiproject.service.framework.memory.cover that return Cache
static Cache MemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher param0, String param1)
static Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher param0, String param1)
static Cache MemoryService.newCache(CacheRefresher param0, long param1)
static Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(CacheRefresher param0, long param1)
static Cache MemoryService.newHardCache(long param0, String param1)
static Cache MemoryService.newCache()
static Cache MemoryService.newHardCache()