Sakai 2.1.0 Release Notes

The is a list of issues reported against previous versions of Sakai that have been resolved in the 2.1.0 release.  For more information please follow the individual issue links or visit

Key Description
SAK-86 Worksite setup is not style guide adherant - confusing layout
SAK-90 Intial step in creating a site should be defaulted to course site
SAK-116 Syllabus: Question marks and upsidedown ? marks appearing intermittently in content
SAK-124 Submit question tool needs to be reset after user submits a question
SAK-175 Sakai out of the box permission defaults need some changes
SAK-275 Javascript Focus function when first field is disabled
SAK-288 Automatic page view modification
SAK-320 Syllabus: Attachments do not exist
SAK-369 Publishing assessments with existing title
SAK-395 maven clean_env does not clean new tool (help, etc.)
SAK-421 Chat: Changes to Main Chat Room are not reflected to user who is logged in
SAK-425 Anonymous assessement title bar text confusing
SAK-428 Course Name & Instruction information in Samigo
SAK-430 Worksite setup list navigator needs to be the same as that in site management
SAK-432 To create a new category, revise.own or revise.any permission is now (incorrectly) needed
SAK-512 Unauthorized users can take tests via published assessment urls
SAK-529 Update UI to reflect which source setting Height actually affects.
SAK-623 Final Page URL for assessments appends PID
SAK-631 unable to 'copy and paste' from MS Word to Syllabus or Discussion - Mac OS 10.3
SAK-640 empty assessment lists in authoring
SAK-661 exception when user tries to delete a deleted discussion message
SAK-666 delivery via PAU - cancel button error
SAK-668 Inconsistent behaviour across tools
SAK-670 Maintain type user can see draft discussion responses from other user
SAK-690 Unexpected Reordering of Tools in MyWorkspace list
SAK-698 Errors during setup with Email and News run together
SAK-699 creating custom fields: irrelevant warning
SAK-706 Mail: List is included in 'To' field when CC'ed
SAK-728 admin "sites" tool accepts any alphanumeric string as id
SAK-775 Test & Quizzes: Slow loading time when adding additional responses and questions
SAK-827 Announcement date doesn't change after revision
SAK-833 released to auth + delivered by PAU = trouble
SAK-872 Instructor comments lost when returning and re-submitting an assignment multiple times
SAK-920 Add Topic button doesn't have thick black line
SAK-921 Posts are not indented to show hierarchy on DISC-4a
SAK-922 Posts are not indented to show hierarchy on DISC-4b
SAK-933 Go To Today button not grayed out when viewing current day
SAK-937 Top navigation bar in Detail View window not same as specs.
SAK-940 Characters causing problems in filename in Resources
SAK-959 Typo in HOME-4 and text appears on wrong line
SAK-969 International characters display in WYSIWYG but lose all formatting once you revise/post
SAK-974 Copying a file for 2nd time results in an error
SAK-990 copying question between question pools threw exception
SAK-991 No vertical lines between menu options
SAK-1019 Update Preferences Button on the bottom of the screen does not have a black outline
SAK-1055 Inconsistent use of HTML tags
SAK-1110 Printable Version of schedule is insecure
SAK-1114 Pressing publish in a test gives empty frame
SAK-1121 Typo: Spurious spaces in body of new announcement
SAK-1124 Creating a schedule item that recurrs forever makes Event List hard to use
SAK-1125 No horizontal scrollbar for editing drafts in column view
SAK-1127 The 'Title' field is a required one, but you can add an item without a title
SAK-1140 DISC-5 inconsistent with specs in FF
SAK-1149 WYSIWYG editor doesn't show right font in FF
SAK-1152 Cannot submit assignment as an instructor
SAK-1159 Adding Announcements/MOTD - blank announcements allowed
SAK-1161 Cannot Resize Worksite Information frame
SAK-1178 Export/Import of Resources does not get all files
SAK-1207 Consistent use of reset button and help button by all tools
SAK-1209 the webcontent_instructions.html file isn't in the Admin's resources/public folder
SAK-1211 Update WebDav instructions in Resource tool based on Mac OS 10.4
SAK-1221 Table headers not aligned with data beneath
SAK-1223 Login Time-Out Results in Sakai within Sakai
SAK-1224 MyWorkspace window title bar is off the screen
SAK-1229 Problems scaling to larger/smaller font size setting in browser
SAK-1230 Indentation Unclear in Refactored Resources
SAK-1235 Action menu disappears without Read permission in Resources
SAK-1242 Draft announcements misaligned in synoptic announcement tool
SAK-1244 No horizontal scrollbar when viewing discussion posts with text with no line breaks
SAK-1246 HTML tags and labels appear if htmlArea text is deleted from Feedback field
SAK-1249 Misplaced link in Resources for creating Simple Text Page
SAK-1250 Frame expands beyond browser display in Schedule
SAK-1254 Resources: Add Back Bulk Delete
SAK-1256 News tool does not handle html tags in news items
SAK-1267 File Upload: blank page
SAK-1268 Text Wrapping in Previous/Next Buttons
SAK-1283 Links in action menu of Site Info too close together
SAK-1289 Make it clearer that having no email address will prevent you from using Email Archive
SAK-1290 previous, return, next buttons overlap the top menu bar in IE
SAK-1300 Layout issue on Add Item(s) page in Resources
SAK-1301 Incorect configuration leads unjoinable site
SAK-1317 Notification in Syllabus tool appears non-functional
SAK-1322 "invalid http.session setting" in catalina.out
SAK-1326 Description of roles in Site Info is misaligned
SAK-1327 once a class is selected from the list when creating a class site, can't go back and uncheck it
SAK-1331 "Show my Profile" in the profile tool doens't give error if your profile doesn't exist
SAK-1333 "Sakai" should be capitalized in description of Syllabus tool in WS setup
SAK-1339 Role descriptions should be aligned vertically in Site Info
SAK-1357 Problems uploading/editing Resources with non-standard characters
SAK-1360 Roster view in gradebook - Student ID column showing email address rather than student id
SAK-1366 Separator needed above "Email notification"
SAK-1380 Description of Gradebook and Syllabus tools don't match descriptions for other tools
SAK-1391 Marquee tag broke News tool
SAK-1395 Inability to Move item
SAK-1398 Can enter javascript into Syllabus entries
SAK-1402 Same course taught in successive years has same tab name
SAK-1420 Model short answer link in grading doesn't go anywhere
SAK-1430 maintainer's comment underlined instead of red
SAK-1431 Cannot join a site being edited, and no error displayed
SAK-1436 Options for site appearance in Site Info
SAK-1437 WebDAV info in Resources needs updates
SAK-1443 Horizontal scroll bars in Samigo and Gradebook
SAK-1449 Running James on port 25 breaks outgoing mail
SAK-1450 Outgoing mail sometimes does not have Date: header
SAK-1451 Inconsistency in naming General (Item scoped) Feedback
SAK-1463 display cut off in question pool when viewing at 1024x768
SAK-1469 Resubmitting an assignment makes system lose the grade the instructor has entered
SAK-1472 Syllabus - Can't Redirect to Resource on Site
SAK-1479 Warnings in catalina.out - "Sql.dbRead: unable to read a result from sql"
SAK-1480 Worksite information frame in home tool information not saving url across session
SAK-1488 My Workspace-my workspace information...
SAK-1492 No validation in multiple choice type question when opt for multiple correct answer and did not pick any correct answer.
SAK-1494 Servlet error in student view of previewed assignment revision
SAK-1500 Assignments w/o grading wording not accurate
SAK-1503 Cancel button not working (Preferences->Customize Tabs)
SAK-1507 Enabling DEBUG logging breaks Sakai
SAK-1513 answers not saved in anonymous delivery
SAK-1522 "Add" and "New" inconsistent across tools
SAK-1529 Action links for viewing/editing properties
SAK-1530 Merge "add folder" and "add item" action links into one "add" action link
SAK-1533 SAKAI_EVENT and SAKAI_SESSION tables grow without bounds unless DBA intervenes
SAK-1540 can't change webdav instructions w/o a re-deploy - make their location overridable
SAK-1552 permissions in drop box do not appear to work
SAK-1559 File Helper cannot navigate upwards
SAK-1561 My Sites... confusing on Customize Tabs page
SAK-1562 Alignment of Move All buttons in Custom Tabs
SAK-1564 Descripiton Notes
SAK-1571 metaobj forms don't publish with mysql
SAK-1572 Next Previous Navigation
SAK-1574 Typo Attachment tool main view
SAK-1575 Manual site creation for future term - email to support has error in content
SAK-1577 WYSIWYG spacing issues
SAK-1581 Minor typo in error message for invalid email address
SAK-1582 hit enter in the email archive search box does not perform search
SAK-1583 Ability of File Helper to save to Resources folder
SAK-1585 T&Q "Create New Assignment" help incorrect
SAK-1586 Resources tool needs efficient way to access list of content collections
SAK-1590 Reply to Message, Reply to Topic
SAK-1593 future term timeline is calculated wrong
SAK-1594 All announcements don't show until you change the number of Annc to display
SAK-1596 Inconsistent Capitalization
SAK-1610 Ability to show all collections should be configurable
SAK-1612 duplicate site - doesn't use specified name, doesn't add duplicator as participant to site
SAK-1616 Tool title text does not resize in IE when smaller text size is selected
SAK-1617 Tool title iframes are incorrectly sized at smaller text sizes
SAK-1618 Duplicate Site, New site name is not required
SAK-1619 Uploading files with long file names (255 chars) hangs the system
SAK-1624 Use "new" file picker for all attachments
SAK-1625 Typo in search field label - Text needs correction
SAK-1627 New Topic Message Required
SAK-1628 Rich Text Editor expands to fill portlet window
SAK-1634 changes to student scores page not being saved
SAK-1639 Format hierarchical list of folders and files in file picker and resources tool
SAK-1642 No error message if you do not make role selections when specifying roles separately for each username
SAK-1644 No required field when choosing classes for a site
SAK-1647 Resouces / publicly viewable not staying checked
SAK-1648 top 'done' button in preview assessment doesn't work
SAK-1649 Reset button on Chat starts reset loop
SAK-1651 Test / Fill in the Blank WYSIWYG missing
SAK-1653 new my workspace shows owned by owner of !user.<type> rather than the new user
SAK-1655 SecurityService cache turned off by default
SAK-1663 Cannot change frequency of Schedule items in My Workspace
SAK-1665 Performance when create/edit syllabus
SAK-1666 Resources Edit page - styles not applied to all fields
SAK-1668 Move Default news feed for Sakai into configuration file
SAK-1670 Submit for grading button appears for anonymous surveys that will not be graded
SAK-1671 Importing causes loss of WYSIWYG formatting of questions
SAK-1678 imported assessment answer not sticking when modifying
SAK-1679 CSS: Site tabs disappear when resizing browser window
SAK-1682 student scores page can't be updated if no questions are answered
SAK-1683 Subject line of email to class site setup authorizer is incorrect
SAK-1685 Exceeding quota in Resources produces no error message
SAK-1689 Description of Syllabus tool is insufficent
SAK-1690 Accented or foreign characters in title breaks Resource
SAK-1695 Selecting a term should automatically fill in Course Site radio button - Part 2
SAK-1699 Copyright Status: Typo/Inconsistency: Part 2
SAK-1703 Should be able to choose to upload 10 files and then only upload 9
SAK-1708 Hang on Tomcat shutdown -- with fix
SAK-1718 Add Syllabus to Preferences tool (to set email preference)
SAK-1719 Disappearing URL
SAK-1722 URL in the site email notification is missing the portal path.
SAK-1724 Dropbox toolbar includes Permissions for access users
SAK-1728 Inconsistent use of HTML tags
SAK-1733 Tests & Quizzes: Unable to permanently remove an assessment
SAK-1737 MySQL UTF-8 encoding bug - breaks international characters
SAK-1764 Students can remove uploaded files when reviewing assessments
SAK-1765 can't add multiple URLs in Resources
SAK-1767 Resources and folders may only be duplicated once
SAK-1768 Can't change question type during creation in question pools
SAK-1769 Special quota does not stick
SAK-1773 Advanced Resources is missing the file size
SAK-1778 sakai.home path not platform independent?
SAK-1779 MCSC questions are imported as MCMC questions.
SAK-1796 SiteInfo Participants list - Active/Inactive improperly displayed in list
SAK-1808 FIB questions always marked as answered in delivery
SAK-1811 extensions being appended to files without predefined extension when downloading
SAK-1814 Inability to complete and submit assignment after choosing save draft
SAK-1816 Unable to delete assignment from GB
SAK-1818 Accessibility--Chat Tool Revisions
SAK-1824 Imported questions show rationale in preview
SAK-1825 Feedback and feedback components do not seem to be linked
SAK-1827 Dropbox using full file pathname as title
SAK-1829 Improve the alert when site is already locked for edit
SAK-1836 & in custom site_id breaks some URLs and Announcements
SAK-1841 Gradebook Case Inconsistency
SAK-1844 Can't see A HREF links in News feed
SAK-1847 Discussions Tool fails to show Permission exception alert
SAK-1850 Unable to save settings without publishing
SAK-1851 mysterious user in Site Info
SAK-1852 section alignment is off on authoring page
SAK-1853 Navigation from Settings screen
SAK-1854 Import question from qpool - change to "copy"
SAK-1855 Show Customize Tools only if new tools are added
SAK-1863 syllabus / urls to pdfs small window
SAK-1864 Difficulty editing simple text/html page
SAK-1873 high security settings lost in import/export
SAK-1874 Matching question feedback lost in import/export
SAK-1875 Inconsistency between label in site creation confirmation and Site Info
SAK-1876 after maintainer removes a provider course, its members still show
SAK-1888 double use.logout events generated on logout
SAK-1895 Total Score for random draw parts off in authoring
SAK-1898 import/exporting timed assessments
SAK-1903 New css: extra indents on main assessments page
SAK-1904 Disable upload button in review
SAK-1910 Need warning when max upload file size exceeded in mysql
SAK-1930 multiple choice multiple correct - grading problem
SAK-1932 Matching stats display in grading is wrong
SAK-1933 stats view for non-autograded questions is wrong (wfs)
SAK-1937 UserDirectory errors when reviewing scores for Survey
SAK-1941 Fractional scores don't always round up /calculate correctly
SAK-1945 moving a question pool into itself
SAK-1946 Gradebook rendering issues: table cell alignment, scrollbars
SAK-1956 Should not be able to publish timed assessment with 0 time allotted
SAK-1957 Syllabus: Back Link is Confusing to Users
SAK-1963 Not checking for obsolete assignment data in getPointsEarnedSortedGradeRecords
SAK-1966 Resources tool for admin fails / Reference getRealms() fail for bad references
SAK-1970 <sakaix:inputDate> tag label text is inaccurate
SAK-1986 Accessibility--Gateway Revisions
SAK-1987 Accessibility--Message of the Day tool
SAK-1989 Accessibility--News tool
SAK-1991 Only author of assessment may modify question
SAK-1997 Cancel button on scores page does not return user to main assessment page
SAK-2006 Making students inactive alters their role
SAK-2009 add term designator to class sites when class info is manually entered
SAK-2013 Sakai not distributing files randomly as expected
SAK-2016 Copy question exception
SAK-2020 Added Tool Doesn't Show Up Without Refresh
SAK-2022 error handling when volume fills up
SAK-2024 Problem with attachments on items imported to a new site
SAK-2025 Second account using identical e-mail address can block messages
SAK-2026 hyperlinks not auto-recognized in firefox on the Mac
SAK-2027 All submissions not displaying on total scores page
SAK-2028 import/export - model answer for short answer questions lost
SAK-2029 iframe tool: many troubles!
SAK-2030 Dropped student's score still used to calculate Average of Scores Entered
SAK-2035 "to" address in announcement with e-mail notification should be hidden
SAK-2044 Need to check if an item is linked with other pools when deleting a pool
SAK-2047 Resources / add 'other sites' option to Add Attachment>From Resources in other tools
SAK-2053 Decouple Dropbox permissions from Resources
SAK-2054 When canceling from the Edit Class Roster(s) page, no need to call the update routines
SAK-2055 Moving a top-level question pool to top level duplicates in other sites
SAK-2056 Samigo does not calculate questions drawn from pools correctly
SAK-2057 auto-submit shouldn't be checked if a timed assessment isn't selected
SAK-2059 css parsing errors with portal default skin
SAK-2060 "Properties" title bar is missing from edit context
SAK-2066 tools forget their placement configuration
SAK-2067 Error message for locking out editing of site refers to site ID, not title
SAK-2069 Changing Email Notification And Access options not saving
SAK-2070 Feedback displaying early when released by date
SAK-2079 Options Title should also change page title
SAK-2083 multiple forgrade=0 assessmentGardingData records created
SAK-2088 viewing student scores throws exception
SAK-2093 WYSIWYG / Ensure that html area is used consistantly throughout the Sakai app
SAK-2095 nameless assessments shouldn't be allowed
SAK-2100 Default permissions prevent posting of new messages (new.topic)
SAK-2102 Enter Key doesn't work for New Category
SAK-2105 Preview Button in Metaobj does not actually work
SAK-2106 assignment titles invisible to students if asn.submit permission disabled
SAK-2107 Assignment scores in gradebook should round up
SAK-2108 can't create an assessment in oracle
SAK-2130 Syllabus / delete confirmation screen inconsistent with other tools
SAK-2135 Survey questions always scored as 0 points
SAK-2137 Assignments / returning assignments with attachments
SAK-2141 Possibility of student modifying their assignment grades
SAK-2142 Accessibility--Drop Box Tool
SAK-2145 Roster / Show profile pic not working
SAK-2146 Get profile use the same WYSIWYG as other legacy tools
SAK-2158 Gradebook roster search/navigation interaction produces error
SAK-2160 Gradebook AuthZ filter not working
SAK-2161 wrong email being sent when a new section roster is added (requested) to an existing site
SAK-2164 Shouldn't allow empty fill-in-blank answers
SAK-2167 Initial statistics view is wrong
SAK-2170 Accessibility--Attachments
SAK-2171 Accessibility--Resource Tool
SAK-2173 alerts in legacy not formatted in sakai skins
SAK-2176 Import/export: # of submissions reset to 9999
SAK-2179 Need Statistics and Histograms feedback component
SAK-2183 Performance on Scores page
SAK-2189 Import/export: feedback settings
SAK-2190 Import/export: survey question problems
SAK-2191 0, 1, 2: "response" text on statistics screens
SAK-2200 Random draw parts and review list
SAK-2206 Resources: Bulk Action 'Links' should change color and be underlined when active
SAK-2207 Resources: Control behavior of highlighting for Move and Copy
SAK-2210 HTML tags in question text - one more place
SAK-2212 User Preferences should allow selection of user-local time zone
SAK-2213 Gradebook missing doctype and namespace declaration
SAK-2214 editing someone else's question throws exception
SAK-2215 questions imported from qp should not be editable by other users
SAK-2220 Truncation of event description in Schedule list view cauese html fragment which crashes IE
SAK-2222 SiteAction has brittle code which depends on CoureProvider ID Format
SAK-2226 Interface inconsistency, may lead to display of incorrect student grade
SAK-2227 Swallowed exception when writing to file system fails
SAK-2232 tests and quizzes reports the latest grade to gradebook, but claims to report best
SAK-2234 change Total Scores page to list all roster members
SAK-2239 Schedule 2end toolbar creates h scroll
SAK-2241 "Grade Override" not deleted when student is deleted, prevents editing of grade options
SAK-2246 Assignment 'Allow resubmission' checkbox when grading isn't being defaulted to unchecked
SAK-2253 SAMIGO / Export of original t/s not importing with apostrophe sign in test
SAK-2256 inputFileUpload tag throws exception on nested form
SAK-2259 Worksite information iframe options not persisting
SAK-2263 Templates link in nav bar disappears in stats view
SAK-2264 No asterisk shown in instructions when creating a New Assignment
SAK-2266 css code appears on begin-assessment page in IE
SAK-2274 When adding an announcement, 'Body' field not required in some Browsers
SAK-2278 resources new file picker / files without periods in titles are not copying
SAK-2285 Scope of "Allow Resubmission" is misleading or broken
SAK-2287 New field in schedule has no character limit
SAK-2289 Resource Title Required
SAK-2291 Breadcrumb Chevrons
SAK-2292 Users may see WebDAV resources for another person
SAK-2300 Grade display rounding when it should not
SAK-2303 Assessment Import screen doesn't match mockup
SAK-2311 Redundant text in GB student view
SAK-2325 Assessment Organization > Navigation label text outdated
SAK-2333 Publishing/unpublishing sites doesn't update immediately
SAK-2344 Score and point columns should be centered in Student View
SAK-2345 Accessibility--Assignments
SAK-2346 Accessibility--Email Archive
SAK-2358 No way to remove Gradebook storage
SAK-2366 potional logo has no width limits
SAK-2369 Show Document permissions intrusive
SAK-2370 sidebar edit links annoying
SAK-2371 Preview page flow is cumbersom
SAK-2372 recient changes options
SAK-2373 Buttons dont match style guide
SAK-2374 External Links take over iFrame
SAK-2375 Revert is too easy
SAK-2376 When RWiki is added to a site, Home page permissions are hardcoded
SAK-2378 Public page view shows divider even when no view_right content
SAK-2382 Iframe resize not working all the time
SAK-2387 Functions are not present by default
SAK-2411 People without edit permissions on page can open editing page but not save their changes
SAK-2414 "font-variant: uppercase;" should be "font-variant: small-caps;"
SAK-2415 'Info' is basically history and should perhaps be called that on the toolbar.
SAK-2416 Would like to position Search: box aligned right on the toolbar
SAK-2417 View Edit toolbar is disorienting.
SAK-2418 Tool state is lost when switching worksites
SAK-2419 Breadcrumb doesnt appear quite right.
SAK-2600 Site search too slow and checking too much
SAK-2670 Dot shouldn't be the subspace separator
SAK-2690 Overflow Exception when trying to remove a Course Grade Override
SAK-2718 Assignments / teachers comments not retaining to assignments
SAK-2824 Performance Optimization in AssessmentGradingFacadeQueries.getItemScores()
SAK-2829 Standalone only: Class Not Found Exception in Delivery Taking an Assessment