Sakai 2.1.0 Open Issues

The following list of open issues for Sakai 2.1.0 was created on 30 November 2005.  An up-to-date version of this list is always available from Sakai's issue management system at

Key Summary
SAK-50 Gap 209: Creating a New Site spec adherence
SAK-73 Cascading permissions
SAK-128 Gap 11 - Ability to disable users
SAK-144 Currently irrelevant & calendar.delete permissions
SAK-185 NPE on login when user has no password
SAK-243 Gap 216: Search for users
SAK-264 WYSIWYG editor incompatible with toolbar buttons
SAK-284 Help tool transforms branding language for localization
SAK-337 Help: MyWorkspace
SAK-437 Title field allows more than 20 char limit
SAK-439 scrolling in nested frames blurs the page
SAK-544 Schedule printing to PDF mangles international characters
SAK-624 CRUD does not work
SAK-655 removing a user doesn't remove a user's myworkspace
SAK-677 Help topic "changing participant roles" points to "participant roles" topic
SAK-686 Error handling for News Tool duirng setup
SAK-704 Help for News
SAK-705 Update "Sakai Menubar" help
SAK-725 Move and enhance help for Presentation tool
SAK-772 change html area check java script that checks for browser version
SAK-773 Add finer grain permission control on Annc, Resources, Email to control receipt of notifications, email
SAK-793 Grading: Max Score Possible and Total Score Possible
SAK-808 Typo in context-sensitive help - II
SAK-809 Help: word change
SAK-811 Spacing in Help tool
SAK-854 WYSIWYG: Unable to paste text into textbox, no paragraph breaks
SAK-911 Extremely poor performance when many users simultaneously join a worksite
SAK-923 Subject/From/Date displayed horizontally instead of vertically
SAK-945 News page gets internal scrollbars
SAK-957 Title of recent chat messages tool is wrong
SAK-958 Recent Chat Messages tool does not show recent messages from new chat room
SAK-968 wysiwyg toolbar has insert image icon in some tools but not others
SAK-988 Presentation tool interface not consistent
SAK-1045 Problems pasting from Word to WYSIWYG in discussion in xp/ie
SAK-1050 Portal occasionally not finding pathMapping
SAK-1051 Customized page order gets reset if tools are added using worksite setup
SAK-1057 NA: New Account Runtime Error
SAK-1063 Email Archive tool sometimes mangles headers of outgoing mail
SAK-1064 My Workspace Resizing Issue
SAK-1080 Using "New Account" to create an account - required fields
SAK-1155 Safari 1.3 does not preserve line breaks when announcement is previewed/posted
SAK-1160 Options to change the number of announcements displayed (MOTD) fails when "0" is entered
SAK-1162 JSF tag sakaix:pager producing non-Style-Guide-compliant HTML
SAK-1234 Worksite info can't accept URL of item in resources with spaces in filename
SAK-1241 RSS News tool fails to update correctly
SAK-1263 Help for Site Info Incomplete
SAK-1304 Clicking "Update Options" twice for a bad feed results in error message
SAK-1305 Doc bug: sakai_maven.pdf
SAK-1306 WebDAV Folder Creation Issues for Mac OS 10.1-3
SAK-1307 WebDAV (Windows Only) uploading or moving file triggers Resource email notification
SAK-1310 DP: Linux/Oracle10g catalina.out WARN Errors
SAK-1313 "Preview" then "Revise" parses HTML tags in Syllabus WYSIWYG
SAK-1315 can't hide the 'new' help (non) tool using helpEnabled = false
SAK-1324 Case sensitivity of usernames
SAK-1334 HELP: Various; FF Issue, No Results Issue, Edit Issue, etc.
SAK-1337 NPE from portal
SAK-1341 List in Realms tool doesn't conform to list style guide
SAK-1346 Delivery - File upload questions can break delivery
SAK-1350 Feedback with show student score unselected gets checked after publishing
SAK-1368 Rename of folder via Resources not reflected in WebDAV
SAK-1421 Importing question from qpool problems
SAK-1428 No options for slide ordering - alphabetic sorting sometimes inappropriate
SAK-1429 Enlarge Editor button doesn't work
SAK-1455 Users with admin rights can delete themselves while logged in
SAK-1456 removing a user does not remove realm permissions
SAK-1478 Creating user with empty password triggers exception in OneWayHash.encode
SAK-1497 Right-hand tool border does not draw correctly at some display sizes
SAK-1514 Email notifications for announcements silently fail if the user adding the announcement has an empty email address
SAK-1531 Make it possible to add an existing item to resources
SAK-1535 'remove user' doesn't really
SAK-1544 SakaiScript - doesn't require credentials to create users
SAK-1554 archive does not save gradebook
SAK-1563 serverId cannot have a space in its name
SAK-1579 Samigo: Templates: Feedback: Student's Response checked by default
SAK-1597 Inconsistent Capitalization: No attachments Yet
SAK-1620 Presentation tool flaky during 'Show'
SAK-1626 Help: In the name of consistency: Part 2
SAK-1632 Order of tools in menu on left is inconsistent
SAK-1633 Access users do not have action bar; cannot access webdav directions
SAK-1658 FIB questions don't handle multiple answers well
SAK-1660 Need efficient method for expanding all content collections
SAK-1662 Help format inconsistent cont.
SAK-1664 Schedule tool confused about AM vs. PM
SAK-1680 extra line break added in base64 encoded value
SAK-1716 Removing Components from Sakai Source can cause unstable behavior
SAK-1720 Mysql performance problems
SAK-1723 out of memory error occurred when accessing presentation tool
SAK-1729 Accessibility--Pressing Tab opens Help window
SAK-1732 Chinese characters replaced with "#" in Printable Version
SAK-1735 Accessibility--WYSIWYG Editor Focus
SAK-1739 Ability to have more than one tool on a page
SAK-1760 can't display MathML in HTML page in Resources
SAK-1762 error in sakai_1_5-2_0_mysql_conversion.sql
SAK-1775 Email Archive sometimes incorrectly wraps URLs across multiple lines
SAK-1781 Timed assessments begin and end times not enforced across sessions
SAK-1807 Graphics settings in assessments no longer work
SAK-1830 Inconsistent behavior in merged announcements
SAK-1840 email notification format problems
SAK-1842 unpackID in sampleRealm provider does not work with ID's generated by SiteAction
SAK-1857 selection-level feedback for MC questions doesn't display
SAK-1865 Unable to specify pixel height for Web Content Tool
SAK-1872 Import/export assessment losing data
SAK-1886 Using end time to set the event duration in calendar has problems when end time is 12:xx
SAK-1892 Sites Search Returns Misleading Results
SAK-1902 Random draw from question pool fields not editable
SAK-1909 Client-Side Timer resets if user turns off JavaScript
SAK-1939 Scoring for FIB questions off
SAK-1944 Copy/Move Pool: top-level destination needs to match spec
SAK-1952 Cannot export assessment with firefox w/PC and a Mac
SAK-2007 Schedule / import from outlook
SAK-2015 Foreign Character Encoding Issue
SAK-2019 Container login may show blank page
SAK-2045 Presentation area does not recognize Presentations folder when it has been renamed "Presentations" from something else
SAK-2049 Next Slide link still shows on last slide in Presentation
SAK-2050 Error messages needed when file is inaccessable (Sakai site using file storage system)
SAK-2058 Title Confusion
SAK-2063 Nested forms in structured artifact editor handled incorrectly
SAK-2076 Length of string fields incorrect in forms editor
SAK-2085 Attempt to copy, move or duplicate a form item fails silently
SAK-2096 Help: Selecting the ? icon not directing user to News tool
SAK-2097 Design spec does not match implementation for News tool
SAK-2103 showXPath attribute of <sakaix:inputRichText> tag
SAK-2172 Remove text on Help Tool opening page
SAK-2175 Changing question type throws exception
SAK-2177 Sorting links for templates don't work
SAK-2184 Setting options for Synoptic announcement doesn't 'stick'
SAK-2194 Directions to change description text need updating
SAK-2219 Text in Help
SAK-2242 Error message needed when session times out
SAK-2260 Using Resource with spaces in name fails
SAK-2268 Runtime exceptions are not trapped
SAK-2276 Fractional scores should round in delivery
SAK-2297 File upload needs to support deployment on a cluster
SAK-2314 New template name set to "New Template" by default
SAK-2318 e-mail attachments should have certain html elements blocked in some cases
SAK-2328 Replacing Resource does not update URL, so name and mime-type may become incorrect
SAK-2408 History page needs paging
SAK-2440 Arcihve any EntityProducer that has support
SAK-2471 When creating a Sakai Site through web services do not automatically add the admin to the site
SAK-2473 Web services sessions don't show up in Sakai sessions list
SAK-2507 SQL exception with HSQLDB out of the box
SAK-2514 Subspace Pre-population does not pre-populate inside the subscpace
SAK-2516 Lining out the columns in Grading table
SAK-2530 If 'enrolled in', 'Id' or 'Credits' aren't being displayed at all for a Sakai instance, don't show the column
SAK-2537 On Options page, add white space between last checkbox and 'Done' button
SAK-2548 Blank screen on login
SAK-2553 Help docs should not include "Using Sakai X.X" in title
SAK-2566 Descriptions in Worskite setup are terse
SAK-2568 Presentation Tool description Needed
SAK-2583 student should be able to view grader comments on assessment
SAK-2606 Calendar template file named after CTools
SAK-2612 Validation warning about & in URL parameters
SAK-2616 sitebrowser.termsearch.type property doesn't seem to be working proeprly
SAK-2626 Remove IU-specific link
SAK-2628 Folder 'Edit Properties' meaningless for users
SAK-2633 Inconsistent list sorting controls
SAK-2653 Incorrect icon shown in daily view
SAK-2654 new event date - shouldn't it default to the date viewed in daily calendar
SAK-2688 Inability to access/grade assessments on question by question basis
SAK-2700 Weird Time format for 12:20am in Schedule Tool
SAK-2704 Can create an event for a date that doesn't exist
SAK-2716 New Announcement notification sent with no body if admin has no email address configured
SAK-2720 Tab-Order in Add Annoucements Not Correct
SAK-2722 Worksite Setup logs you out under certain cirucmstances
SAK-2730 Accessibility--Tools Accesskey doesn't work consistently
SAK-2733 Accessibility--Need additional headings in content
SAK-2743 Confusing alert placement
SAK-2745 Clicking on a folder name causes screen to jump
SAK-2748 Worksite tab spacing
SAK-2753 True/False question doesnt remember answer
SAK-2761 Presentation Tool Help Content Incomplete
SAK-2765 SG validation example is insufficient for complex forms
SAK-2766 Import/export assessment: multiple choice questions with more than four answers
SAK-2771 Incorrect vertical spacing
SAK-2772 Inconsistent time selection widgets
SAK-2773 Accessibility--Worksite Accesskey starts with "Logout" button
SAK-2775 Resources: DAV: Error when attempting to copy folder from site to site
SAK-2786 Exiting preview throws non-fatal exception
SAK-2789 Revise and Delete permissions do not work as expected
SAK-2811 Confusing interface - "Remove" checkboxes are on by default when importing a calendar
SAK-2821 Sorting headers on Total Scores page don't work
SAK-2822 Some sorting headers in question scores page don't work
SAK-2827 Toolbar not 100% of tool width
SAK-2831 model short answer for some questions can't be viewed in grading
SAK-2841 Publishing confused by different time zones
SAK-2845 Add warning message to Grade Options
SAK-2848 Consistent grading needs to be used throughout application
SAK-2854 JLDAP: dref setting causes timout
SAK-2855 After event creation calendar should default to appropriate date & time range.
SAK-2861 String match lazy in unique assessment check in assessment settings.
SAK-2868 Context sensitive help for student taking test
SAK-2869 Non-ascii characters characters lost in simple text documents
SAK-2875 Button style is inconsistent across tools
SAK-2878 To verb or not to verb?
SAK-2880 Missing space in Permissions view
SAK-2887 Presentation tool gives exception when users join an ongoing presentation
SAK-2889 Updates to Chat room do not change for "student" user
SAK-2893 Navigation buttons, when revising a worksite, are not Style Guide Compliant
SAK-2898 Alert could be more specific
SAK-2901 Navigation on Sites (Gateway) is not Style Guide Compliant
SAK-2904 Missing popup link for SA responses in question scores
SAK-2910 Unexpected TypeException Alert in Resources on Collab
SAK-2913 Style Guide Compliant Capitalization
SAK-2916 If a student logs in who has not been assigned to any section, under "View my sections" the message that says there are no sections in this course, which isn't technically correct.
SAK-2922 Daily view shows links for yesterday and tomorrow
SAK-2923 Template "release to" settings do not match mockup or assessment settings
SAK-2928 Sites with more than 10 Announcements do not display properly (sort order is wrong, sorts wrong group of announcements)
SAK-2929 Wrong icon appears for Excel spreadsheet in "Items to attach" area in Add Attachment screen
SAK-2931 Course Information is not marked as required field
SAK-2933 Layout oddnesses in Question Pools
SAK-2936 Settings view creating horizontal scrollbar
SAK-2940 The "View" option not working as expected.
SAK-2946 link to model SA shows up even when there isn't one
SAK-2948 Extraneous text is automatically inserted when new assessment is created.
SAK-2949 Export: Short Answer Essay Feedback Missing
SAK-2958 Roster failure in Sakai 2.1 if users have been removed from Administration site tool
SAK-2966 Settings -- Assessment Introduction -- Description field doesn't save
SAK-2971 inconsistent link names "after 9am" & "before 8AM"
SAK-2973 User still present in participant list in a site after the user account is deleted using Admin User tool
SAK-2976 printable version of weekly calendar slow to load
SAK-2977 Instructors in Course Sites do not have ability to revise events
SAK-2981 When TA is given permission to Delete an assignment, no option for deleting is displayed to TA
SAK-2982 When TA is only given 'new' permissions, other options also shown to TA
SAK-2983 When instructor gives only 'revise' permission to TA, nothing is given to TA
SAK-2984 Using date picker in List All view/Custom Date Range in Schedule tool sometimes changes the filter date.
SAK-2985 When none of the permissions are given to student/TA, warning message problems
SAK-2988 Importing events to Schedule gives dates off by one day
SAK-2989 Tool missing top border
SAK-2994 Deletion of single instances of events that occur with frequency results in incorrect "number of occurences" info
SAK-2995 When editing multiple choice/multiple answer, deleting answer clears checkmarks for other answers
SAK-2998 survey question type, fb lost in export/import
SAK-2999 randomize option for mc questions is reset on import/export
SAK-3000 import/export assessment loses submission msg
SAK-3001 qscores fb gets unchecked in export/import assessment
SAK-3002 question metadata gets lost in import/export
SAK-3006 Removing a file uploaded for a FileUpload question causes frame to resize
SAK-3007 Editor too far right when adding HTML page (FF)
SAK-3008 Layout errors in WebDAV help page
SAK-3009 Invalid HTML output
SAK-3011 Presentation tool not recognizing data in resources
SAK-3013 Mysterious "View Only Time" category
SAK-3014 Spelling error
SAK-3015 In the Settings menu for published assessments, not all headings are visible
SAK-3016 Foreign Character Encoding Issue
SAK-3017 Incorrect Question display when questions are of Multiple choice
SAK-3018 Document in Resources with a Link to another Resource file brings user to My Workspace instead of 2nd resource
SAK-3019 Input date that spans two days only appears on the second day
SAK-3020 Student names not sorted alphabetically in Tests & Quizzes::Scores::Questions
SAK-3022 Created forms should be able to be deleted
SAK-3023 Forms Published to a site are erroneously published globally
SAK-3024 "Instrcutions" field in Meta Objects tool doesn't display
SAK-3025 Checkmark in Auto-Submit being unset when a test is published
SAK-3026 The numerical countdown, as opposed to the timer bar, is not visible in individual question screens (IE)
SAK-3027 Assessments end 0-30 seconds prematurely at the question screen level
SAK-3028 new feedback setting does not show up in core assessments
SAK-3030 Delete Category fails with '?' in discussion tool
SAK-3031 Error when copying from sakai site to desktop: "requested header not found"
SAK-3032 In Roster tool, clicking on profile of student and then on his homepage results in error
SAK-3035 Alert message when adding an attachment to an assignment submission
SAK-3037 Update pack-demo target for new release docs
SAK-3039 Schedule repeating item has end date ending in past (for frequency) - no alert is given