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The QuickProd distribution is designed to facilitate the installation of a production version of Sakai customized to the local environment. The aspects of Sakai that would typically be customized are the skins, the provider, and the database connection. To support development of customization the QuickProd distribution delivers the source of Sakai pre-configured to compile in the development tools as described on the Sakai release website. Please consult the Sakai for Developers page on the release website for information on how to setup that environment. You will need to have java and maven installed per the directions there.

QuickProd includes the Help, Syllabus, and Presentation tools in addition to the base Sakai distribution. The Samigo (Test and Quiz) tool is also provided but for release 1.5 it requires a different build environment so the source is provided in a separate directory. With the Sakai 2.0 release Samigo will build in the same environment as Sakai.

The QuickProd environment is designed for local installation changes but it is NOT designed as a tool development environment. Therefore the source directories are not configured to connect to the Sakai CVS server. To create a tool development environment please consult the Sakai release website page: Sakai for Developers.

In addition to the Sakai 1.5.1 release website there is also a Sakai 1.5.1 area in the Sakai Confluence instance that contains a FAQ and other updated information.

Using Samigo

This is the QuickProd Samigo source distribution for Sakai 1.5.1.

This information has been distilled from the contents of the sam/README.txt and the sam/README-INTEGRATION.txt files. It is edited to reflect the QuickProd distribution format.

The steps in building and deploying Samigo are as follows: - get the QuickProd distribution - configure the build and database settings - configure the database - build and deploy.

These steps may be repeated as necessary.