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WARNING. The release artifacts included on this page are no longer current and have been superseded by newer versions of Sakai which include functionality enhancements as well as bug fixes and security patches. You can download the latest Sakai release by visiting


Welcome to the Sakai 1.5.1 release. This update to the 1.5.0 release includes over 60 bug fixes and provides easier integration with the Samigo "Tests and Quizzes" tool.

Sampling Sakai

The QuickDemo distribution of Sakai 1.5.1 is designed to allow users to have a demonstation installation in a few minutes. The Sakai QuickDemo is distributed as a fully pre-configured Tomcat installation. In addition to the core Sakai framework and tools it contains the Help, Syllabus, "Tests and Quizzes" (Samigo), and Presentation tools. The QuickDemo can be downloaded from here. It is not a suitible distribution for a production installation.

Serious Sakai - Customization

For a production installation you will need a Sakai development environment for making customizations and for building a new installation. Almost every installer will want to create make some customizations to suit their local environment. Aspects of Sakai that would typically be customized are the skins, the provider, and the database connection. To support customization the QuickProd distribution delivers the source of Sakai pre-configured to compile with the development tools as described on the Sakai release website and preconfigured to support installing Samigo as a Sakai tool. The QuickProd release can be downloaded from here. Information on setting up the development environment is available on the documentation page for Sakai for Developers. The primary benefit of using the QuickProd distribution is that the source for Sakai and Samigo (as a Sakai tool) is available simply by unzipping a file.

Serious Sakai - Development

Some users will want to go beyond customization and will want to build new tools or track the very latest changes in Sakai. The QuickProd distribution may be suitable for this. For tracking recent changes to the Sakai code you will want to check out the code from the Sakai CVS server rather than use the QuickProd distribution.Please see our documentation page for Sakai for Developers for more details. Note that the 2.0 release will be using a substantially different code base and most future development will be with that code, not on the 1.5.1 release.