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Sakai Developer and User Communities

If you intend stay involved in the Sakai project you should join one of two Mailing Lists/Sakai Groups. Since Sakai is a collaborative environment, we use Sakai to communciate with those installing/maintaining Sakai and those who are developing for Sakai.

These groups are hosted at the You will have create an account, register, and join the group(s) you would like.

  • Sakai Users ( - This is a general group for questions on how to install, support, and configure Sakai.
  • Sakai Developers ( - This is a group for questions regarding developing using Sakai or for those who are part of the Sakai development team.
There are other groups hosted here as well.
Sakai Educational Partners
If you are member of the Sakai Educational Partners (SEPP) there are additional groups which will be available to you beyond the public groups described above. These additional groups deal with planning for future releases of Sakai and provide communication forums on a wide range of topics from data import/export to content management.
Joining the Community
The steps to joining the Sakai Developer or Sakai User groups are as follows:
  • Navigate to
  • On the left find the New Account button.
  • Fill in the fields for your account. Make sure that your E-Mail address is where your mail is "from" when you send mail or you won't be allowed to send to the lists because a list may be configured to only accept mail from members.
  • When you have filled in the fields, press Create Account. Your account is automatically created and you are logged into your My Workspace. This is a Sakai "site" just for you.
  • Press the Membership button on the left hand side. You will be presented a list of sites which you can join. Check the ones you like and press Join.
  • The newly joined sites will appear in your site selection area. You can switch between sites by clicking on different sites. When you have more than 5-6 sites, you will see a drop-down for the rest of your sites.
  • One more thing that you may want to do is to go to My Workspace -> Preferences -> Edit and select how much (or how little) information you want from your new subscriptions.
  • At that point you can go to the Sakai User or Sakai Developer sites and explore the capabilities of the sites.
We hope to see you there...

... The Sakai Development Team